Pennsylvania Steam

I visited eastern Pennsylvania in 1993. Most of the photos shown below were taken at that time. If you have any new information on the sites listed below that you would like to share, please let me know.

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Blue Mountain & Reading

GM&N 4-6-2 #425 In 1993 the Blue Mountain & Reading was still operating between Hamburg and Temple. At the time of my visit, they had three steam locomotives on location: Reading class T-1 Northern 2102; Gulf, Mobile & Northern class G-1 Pacific 425; and Pennsylvania Power & Light fireless cooker 7767. Take a close look at the photo of 7767 and compare it to PP&L 4094 in my Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania page. They are very similar. 4094 is an 0-8-0 while 7767 is an 0-4-0. Both are streamlined! Number 425 was fired up, ready for the day's passenger trains (see photo). Reading 2102 was parked with a number of passenger cars. It was due for its FRA inspection. It had last run about one year prior to my visit.

In 1995, both 425 and 2102 had been moved to Steamtown National Historic Site. In 1998 they were again moved to the Reading Blue Mountain & Northern headquarters in Port Clinton, PA.

Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Steam Railroad

WK&S 0-4-0T #2 WK&S 0-6-0T #65 WK&S #250 The WK&S is located in the small town of Kempton. It looked like their facilities were completely outdoors. Although they were closed when I was their, I saw their two steam engines: an 0-6-0T and an 0-4-0T fitted with a makeshift tender. They also had a four-wheel crummy! The #2, an 0-4-0T from Colorado Fuel & Iron, was the first steam locomotive operating on the WK&S in 1963. The #250, a 2-6-2, (the third photograph) came to the WK&S later in that year and operated on the WK&S until around 1967. For a time #250 was at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH. Today it is in Concord, NH.

Wilmington & Western, Marshallton, DE

MS Central 4-4-0 #98 I know that Marshallton is not in Pennsylvania, but I visited the W&W on the same trip and it is not far from Pennsylvania. The W&W depot is in Marshallton (a suburb of Wilmington). 4-4-0 #98 was operating this day and steamed past the depot to pick up its first load of passengers. This is one of the few standard gauge 4-4-0s that are still operational.

Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic 0-6-0 #58. Photo courtesy Tom Gears. In 1998 locomotive 58 (Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic 0-6-0, Baldwin) was returned from Avondale, PA to the Wilmington & Western Railroad in DE where is used to operate. It has again been restored to operation. This photo shows it switching revenue freight on W&W.

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

Cliffside 2-8-0 #40 The town of New Hope wins first place in my "Most Touristy Area Contest". The number of people and cars in this town was incredible. It reminded me of Stillwater, Minnesota because of its close proximity to a river, it has a tourist railroad, and it is incredibly touristy. In the center of town is the New Hope & Ivyland depot. #40, a 2-8-0 was operating. I believe that the NH&I runs throughout the week so I expect that the locomotive is kept under steam during the night in its shed which is barely visible to the left in this photo.

Black River & Western Railroad, Ringoes, NJ

Across the river from New Hope is the Black River & Western Railroad in Ringoes, NJ. At the time of my visit, the BR&W was closed and their GWR 2-8-0 #60 was in the middle of a five-year overhaul. It was parked in amongst some other cars. There was a diesel marked "BRW" coupled to their passenger train. There was also a lot of other interesting equipment in the yard. #60 was put back into service in October, 1998.

Franklin Institute Science Museum

BLW 4-10-2 60000 The Franklin Institute Science Museum is home for a very unique steam locomotive -- the Baldwin 60000. 60000 was a demonstrator unit built by Baldwin Locomotive Works numbered to commemorate the 60,000th locomotive built by the company. Some of the things that made this locomotive unique (apart from the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind locomotive) include:

Other Pages on the Baldwin 60,000

Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site is located at the Scranton Yards of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad in Scranton, PA. It is run by the National Park Service and is a center of restoration of steam locomotives. There are many web pages written about Steamtown. Here are a few:

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and the Strasburg Railroad

CNR 2-6-0. Photo courtesy Charles J. Hartwell GWR 2-10-0. Photo courtesy Bob Polaneczky. N&W 4-8-0. Photo courtesy Bob Polaneczky. At the time of my visit, the Strasburg Railroad was running both 2-6-0 #89 and 2-10-0 #90 on alternating passenger trains on their 4 1/2 miles of track. The ride passes through very scenic Amish farm country. The Strasburg RR and the Strasburg/Lancaster area in general win second place in my "Most Touristy Area Contest".

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is located across a busy highway from the Strasburg Railroad. The museum has most of its locomotives on display outside the main building. They are parked on spurs and tracks leading from a turntable. On the turntable platform was Reading 0-4-0 Camelback #4 -- one of only three surviving Camelback steam locomotives. All engines seemed to be in good display condition. The entire area is covered with grass -- well suited for walking around and viewing. Inside the museum building are more locomotives and equipment. One of the locomotives is sitting over a pit so that you can walk underneath. They picked a good locomotive for this location -- it had Stevenson valve gear. Overall, this is a good museum because all of the equipment is on display and easily seen. It was a little tricky to get "good" photographs with as many people as were there.

Other Pennsylvania Steam Web Pages

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