Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site is located at the site of the former DL&W main rail yard in downtown Scranton, PA. I visited Steamtown during the summer of 1993 while much of it was still under construction. Photos of Steamtown U.S.A. at its former location in Bellows Falls, VT are also available.

Operational Steamtown Locomotives

Balwin 0-6-0 26 Canadian Nation 2-8-2 3254 Canadian Pacific 2317. Photo courtesy Stefano Curtarolo.

At the time of my visit, Steamtown had three operational steam locomotives. #26, a Baldwin 0-6-0, was used to power a short train ride from the main grounds to the roundhouse and back. 3254, a Canadian National Railways 2-8-2, was under steam waiting on the turntable. It was then turned and driven into the roundhouse for the viewers enjoyment. The third operational steam locomotive is Canadian Pacific Railways class G3c Pacific 2317. The photo shown was recently taken by Stefano Curtarolo. In 1993 most of the roundhouse was new and still under construction. When completed, there will be a skyway connecting the mall on the other side of the yard to the roundhouse!

Superpower Steam

Nickel Plate 2-8-4 1759 I was told that Steamtown was planing on restoring the NYC&StL Berkshire #759 back to operational order. This is also the locomotive that was used on the Golden Spike runs in 1969.

The Yard

Canadian National 2-8-2 3254 Steamtown yard Grand Trunk Western 4-8-2 6039

In 1993, the public was not allowed in the "yard" where about half of the collection of steam locomotives were kept. The first two photographs were taken from a parking lot looking at the yard. In the first photograph you will be able to the one of the three operational locomotives -- the CN S-1-b Mikado 3254 (under steam). You can also see the rear of the UP Big Boy 4012 centipede tender. In the second photograph you will see (from left to right) CN Pacific 5288, CP Hudson 2816, the rear of a snow plow, a passenger car, and CP Pacific 1293. To the left of the yard is the roundhouse. To the right of the yard is the site of a future shopping mall. There are plans to connect the two with a skyway built over the yard. The third photograph shows GTW Mountain (4-8-2) 6039. Notice the Vanderbilt tender.

E.J. Lavino and Public Service locomotives Here is number 3 (on the left), one of three surviving E.J. Lavino & Co.'s 0-6-0Ts. Also shown is fireless cooker number 6816, former Public Service Electric & Gas locomotive.

Their Big Boy was moved into the yard the winter of 1992-93 from where it sat at the Lackawanna Station Hotel. The bridges connecting the two areas were replaced about one year before. Contrary to a rumor posted a while back on rec.railroad, they have no plans to partially restore the Big Boy to working order.

Canadian Pacific Jubilee 2929 Reading T-1 2124 Union Pacific Big Boy 4012 Union Pacific Big Boy 4012 After viewing all of the engines in the yard including the rare 4-4-4 (Jubilee) #2929 (it was difficult to get a good photograph of this locomotive because of the equipment around it), the Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2124, and the UP Big Boy 4012 (the last 4012 photo, courtesy Michael Hahn, shows the Big Boy after being cleaned and painted), the ranger ("our tour guide") brought us over to a group of people who were going on the shop tour (which was just starting). I had wanted to sign up to go on the shop tour earlier but it was already filled (15 max). This ranger said "no problem" and added us to the group!

More Photos

Canadian National Railways

Canadian Nationan 4-6-4T 47 Canadian National 2-8-2 3377 Canadian National 4-6-2 5288 Number 47 (formerly GTW 1542), a class X-10a 4-6-4T was displayed near the park entrance. 47 was used in commuter service in the Montreal area. It was is pretty good shape when it came to Steamtown. It was operated for about five weeks in 1961 before being taken out of service by a boiler inspector. Number 3377 (formerly 2977), a class S-1-d 2-8-2 was displayed south of the shops. Number 5288 (formerly 516, a class J-7-b 4-6-2 was stored in the yard.

Maine Central

Maine Central 2-8-0 519 This is a class W-1 consolidation. It was centrally located in the park at the time of my visit. Notice that it is missing its main rod.

A Shay

Meadow River Lumber 3-truck Shay 1 This is former Meadow River Lumber Company three-truck Shay number 1. It's not that often that you see a shay with a balloon smoke stack.

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